Child Welfare Fund Grantees: 2012

Adelphi Institute for Parenting

To support the Nassau County Court Collaboration Project

Albert Einstein College of Medicine

To support the Infant-Parent Court Project

New School, Center for NYC Affairs

To support a special issue of Child Welfare Watch

Center for an Urban Future

To support the publication of Fostering Careers

Child Welfare Organizing Project

To provide general operating support

Children’s Village

To support added family support staff

Children’s Village

To support the Way Home Aftercare Program

Citizens Committee for Children NYCE

To provide general support for analysis and advocacy

FEGS Health and Human Service System

To provide support for its Academy Program

Forestdale, Inc.

To support the “No Drama, Much Love” project

Forestdale, Inc.

To support “Attachment and Behavioral Catch-up (ABC) Project”

New Alternatives for Children

To support NAC’s “Building Blocks” program

Safe Space

To provide general support to the agency’s operation

Riverdale Mental Health Association

To provide support for its “Chances for Children Institute”

Child Study Center, Yale University

To provide general support to the “Mind the Baby” project